When it comes to giving top-notch courier service, De Nieuwe Omroep is the only brand that you can trust. Our mission is to deliver your items and products to best of our capabilities through the use of state-of-the-art equipment, latest computers and tracking tools, and the help of the customer-oriented employees.

Courier service

Have you ever found yourself in cheap Amsterdam hotels and wanting to deliver a parcel to your office? Did you ever experience being in an Amsterdam city trip and suddenly required to send a particular item to a loved one? De Nieuwe Omroep is the company that will serve you well during times like these. We always give 100% to our customers all around the world.

We implement processes and systems that have been tested in all our years of service as a courier provider. Millions of clients regularly utilize our services because of the satisfaction that they get when they receive their products. We go above and beyond industry standards. We strive for excellence to become the top courier service provider in the world.

Same day courier service

Your contentment is our motivation to be the best in the business. Today, we launched our same day courier service that every person in the Netherlands can take advantage of.  You can choose from our different selections and add-ons to make sure that you are receiving the services that you need for your items.

If you need to receive items on the same day, you can use our same-day option. We guarantee that the item that you send will be delivered before the day ends.

Regular transaction update

You will regularly be updated on the movement of the item- from its source to the destination. You will never have to worry about your packages ever again. You are assured of your parcels and products up until they are delivered right at your doorstep.

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